About this ethics resource

How can you and your students best use this resource?

These materials have been developed to complement and extend the EPQ ethics guide produced by the Wellcome Trust. They are intended for use in a taught course in which students are preparing to carry out a research project for an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), and when supervising/mentoring EPQ students individually. They could also be used to support more general student project work.

If used in their entirety, the materials presented here would require two lessons of approximately 60 minutes each. ‘Introducing ethics’, ‘Ethical frameworks’ and ‘Ethical research – activities and case studies’ form one lesson and ‘Right from the start’ through to ‘Right at the end’ form the other lesson.

We envisage that students will each have access to these online resources or their own copy of the ‘Research ethics and the EPQ’ student materials and the Wellcome Trust EPQ ethics guide, either in hard copy or as electronic files. The EPQ project guides/companions published for AQA, Edexcel/Pearson and OCR are also relevant. See the references in ‘Right at the end – teacher notes’.

The materials include case studies based on real student projects, but the names are not real, and other identifying details have been changed or removed. 

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects’ in October 2016.

Statistics and maths, Careers, Psychology
Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects
Education levels:
16–19, Independent research projects, Continuing professional development