Additional lesson ideas for ‘Big Picture: Immune System’

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This issue explores the immune system: the processes, structures and molecules that keep our bodies healthy. Here, we suggest some related activities you could try with your students. If you do use any of these activities, we’d love to hear from you! Please send any materials or comments to

You may have already seen our Guess Which Immune Component! game and our idea to design a poster to advertise poo transplants. Here are a few more ideas you might like to try.

Balloon debate

Imagine some of the key scientists, past and present, who have developed our understanding of the immune system or applied their immunological science to improving health are travelling together in a hot-air balloon.

Unfortunately the balloon starts losing height, so someone has to get thrown out. Who will it be? This debating activity provides an opportunity to research different scientists and to consider the impact of their discoveries. Browse these articles to identify who might be in your balloon:

More on balloon debates

Ethical discussions (good for PSHE as well as biology lessons!)

Responsibility for ethical decision-making is embedded in biomedical research.

Use these case studies as a stimulus to debate current ethical issues (also found on pages 12–13 of the printed issue):

Analysing data

Does taking vitamin C tablets affect the chance of people getting a cold? Try the Chi-squared test worked example activity from our ‘Number Crunching’ issue.

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Immune System
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