Screenshot from the Climate Health Impact game

Climate Health Impact game

Explore the effects of climate change on the world’s population

Sustain the health of the global community by implementing strategies and carrying out research in order to prevent disease and combat the effects of global warming.

Climate Health Impact is a simulation that introduces the player to the effects of climate change. Within the simulation, take charge of all medical and research decisions related to the health effects of climate change.

By researching various diseases that may be spread as the result of climate change, you will be able to make decisions on how to improve medical facilities and set policies for adapting to cope better with the changing climate.

Research specific diseases, learn their causes and effects, and find out how they can be dealt with and prevented. The outcome of the game is based on your ability to prevent a global climate crisis (casualties, disease outbreaks, etc).

Teachers: We have created some teachers’ notes, a presentation and a homework sheet if you would like to use Climate Health Impact as a classroom activity. All of these can be downloaded below.

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Screenshot from the Climate Health Impact game.

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This resource was first published in ‘Health and Climate Change’ in January 2009 and reviewed and updated in September 2014.

Ecology and environment, Health, infection and disease
Health and Climate Change
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