Ecology and geography fieldwork techniques

We’ve scoured the web to pull together some excellent resources on practical fieldwork, be it a handy how-to guide or a bit of advice on investigating specific animals or habitats

General sampling and collection guides


These resources offer advice on conducting fieldwork in specific habitats.



Wood and grassland



These resources from across the web share information and offer advice on studying animal populations in their natural habitats.

This video clip on endangered species from the BBC (Higher) shows how to monitor the population size of the snow leopard.

These PDF fieldwork guides from the Royal Geographical Society outline techniques and offer guidance on the best ways to study the following populations:

Specialised geographic techniques

GIS/GPS and remote sensing

This manual from the Royal Geographical Society gives details of these specialised field techniques.

Simple surveys

This PDF manual from the Royal Geographical Society explains the processes behind surveying techniques. They highly recommend it for maths and geography teachers.

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Populations’ in June 2014.

Ecology and environment
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