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Further resources and activities on space biology

As well as our ‘Big Picture’ content, the Wellcome Trust has funded many other organisations to produce the following activities and resources that will engage and educate young people about space biology, its associated technologies, and the decisions we must make about space exploration and research

Debating Matters

Research topic guides containing key facts and questions on a range of subjects including space exploration. Additional sources and further reading on each topic are also provided. Debating Matters is a debating competition aimed at post-16 students.They have a particularly well-referenced topic guide on space exploration and whether it is worth the cost.

Great for: 16–19

Authentic Biology

Sixth-form students undertake original research projects with guidance from universities. A great way to pursue extended research projects and to understand what biomedical research involves.

Great for: 16–19, projects

Genes Are Us

A huge range of resources for teachers to help young people learn more about genetic disorders (including Huntington’s disease) and understand how differences in our genes help to make everyone unique.

Great for: 5–7, 7–11, 11–14, 14–16

Philosophy for Children

A sequence of ideas [PDF] to engage students in discussion about the social and ethical aspects of scientific advances. Adapt the scheme to suit different age groups and topics.

Great for: 11–14, 14–16, 16–19

I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!

A free X Factor-style competition for students to vote for their favourite scientist. Students get the chance to ask scientists all the questions they can think of, then vote for the winner (who receives a £500 prize to communicate their work to the public). The event is supported by teaching materials including lesson plans, information sheets and interactive quizzes.

Great for: 11–14, 14–16

Fabulous images

Search the Wellcome Trust image library for a range of intriguing images. Great for discussions, stimulating debate, lesson starters, research and more! Explore the lightboxes created especially for schools too via the link at the bottom of the homepage.

Further high-quality resources

You can find a wealth of additional resources in the National STEM Centre e-library. Search by keyword and filter the results by age group, subject, type of resource, etc. Explore the library to find topic lists and resources pre-selected to match curriculum areas or age groups.

For teachers and support staff

The National Science Learning Network provides a range of excellent continuing professional development (CPD) courses to help develop your career as a teacher, leader or member of support staff. Generous bursaries from Project ENTHUSE cover most costs of many courses delivered at the National Science Learning Centre in York, making this CPD easily affordable for those in mainstream education in the UK. If you’d like support from colleagues, need advice on the latest developments, or just want to share your ideas, browse the National STEM Centre and join the online communities.

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Debating Matters topic guide on space exploration.

Debating Matters

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This resource was first published in ‘Space Biology’ in June 2015.

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Space Biology
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5–7, 7–11, 11–14, 14–16, 16–19, Independent research projects, Continuing professional development