Happy Cells card game with plant, animal, bacterial and fungal cells

Play our downloadable activity to check your knowledge of what organelles are in these different types of cell

Often, just remembering what parts are in a single type of cell is hard enough. Comparing and contrasting parts of the four major types of cells (plant, animal, fungal, bacterial) is even harder! But it’s critical to understanding their structure and function.

Do you know which three types of cell have a cell wall? Which cell has a plasmid? Which two types of cells have lysosomes – and, of these two, which one has a vacuole?

Our set of cards will help. You could use them as simple revision cards or print out two sets and play a card game in small groups.

How to play

  • Download, print and prepare two sets per group of up to four players.
  • The object of the game is to collect a set of five organelle cards for a plant, animal, fungal or bacterial cell.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal five cards to each player.
  • Place the remaining cards in a stack and turn over the top card to start a discard pile.
  • Play the game by taking turns.
  • Each player may select either the top card from the discard pile, or from the stack.
  • Only five cards may be held in the hand at a time so if a player wishes to keep a card, they must discard another one.
  • If the stack of cards runs out, the discard pile may be shuffled and used again as a stack.
  • Play continues until a winner has a set of five organelles.


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This resource was first published in ‘Plants’ in May 2016.

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