It’s the future: Pre-birth cosmetic enhancement

What might we look like? How might we change the way we look? We suggest some potential scenarios that could be coming our way 

Globerania News 24 (live transcript)

TV newsreader: ...Scunthorpe 4, Arsenal 0. And finally, a story about one couple’s efforts to give their daughter the best possible start in life. Felix Mandible reports.

Fake TV news report

Fake television news report.


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Felix Mandible: We all want the best for our children, but how far are we prepared to go? In the Espagnol Province of Europeania, Hattie and Mattie Moritz have ruffled a few feathers by opting for cosmetic enhancement for their daughter – while she is still in the womb.

Mattie Moritz: Little Pattie is the most important thing in our lives and we want to make sure we provide her with all the advantages we can. We can send her to a good school and make sure she eats well, and I’ve been very careful throughout the pregnancy to eat properly and avoid things that might harm her. But we looked at the miracles that can be done via in utero surgery and thought, “Well, why not give her a flying start!”

FM: But do you think it is right to do this kind of thing?

MM: Well, cosmetic procedures are very common these days, and in recent years it’s been tried in younger and younger people. It’s pretty routine, really. And if we do it while she’s still in the womb, it will be painless and the wounds will heal much better as there will be no scarring.

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