Spread of different articles imagining the future

Lesson idea: It’s the future

What might we look like? How might we change the way we look? Use our imagined scenarios to debate and discuss issues of enhancement

To complement our issue ‘How We Look’, we have imagined five potential scenarios.

Ask students to debate and discuss these ideas. Are they ethical? Are there any real-life examples that are close to these?

Next, ask them to imagine other potential scenarios. Can they write an imaginary article or advert for their idea? Ask them to share and debate the possibilities.

Lead image:

Composite images: newspaper (Kokoro Company Ltd); others iStockphoto: ‘MiteyMuscle’ (Jamie Evans), ‘Let’s Do It!’ montage of pregnant woman (Ira Bachinskaya) and older woman (Andreas Reh); Olympiad programme torch silhouette (Paul Pantazescu); ‘Globerania’ montage of newsreader (Philip Dyer), globe (Ufuk Zivana) and filming (Oktay Ortakcioglu); blog coathangers (Joseph C Justice) and mannequins (Anna Bryukhanova).

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘How We Look’ in June 2008 and reviewed and updated in November 2014.

Ecology and environment, Genetics and genomics, Biotechnology and engineering
How We Look
Education levels:
16–19, Continuing professional development