Lesson ideas for ‘Big Picture: Number Crunching’

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Exploring In the Zone data

Real physiology data from students including heart rate, lung volume and number of squats managed in a minute. Use the data to answer the questions provided (answers are also provided for teachers).

In the Zone raw data

Worked example of a chi-squared test

Shows how to run a statistical test to investigate whether taking vitamin C tablets affects the chance of people getting a cold.

Histograms PPT slides

Histograms PowerPoint presentation

This presentation illustrates how to (and how not to) present data as a histogram.

Ideas for further research

Students doing the Extended Project Qualification or other research projects may be interested in following up on these ideas within ‘Big Picture: Number Crunching’.


About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Number Crunching’ in June 2013.

Statistics and maths, Health, infection and disease
Number Crunching
Education levels:
16–19, Independent research projects, Continuing professional development