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Want to explore what else the internet has to offer about the cell? We’ve compiled a list of links to relevant videos, games, teaching resources and other organisations to help


Don’t forget that the videos made to accompany ‘Big Picture’ are available on the Wellcome Trust YouTube channel, which also includes interviews with Wellcome Trust-funded scientists about their work. The Wellcome Film YouTube channel contains hours of archived medical film from the 20th century.


  • Cure Asif’s cancer, a game from Centre of the Cell where you design a chemical to help cure a patient of cancer
  • Cell turnover, a game from Centre of the Cell where you can see how quickly different cell types divide
  • Explore a cell, a game from Centre of the Cell that allows you to see inside a cell and explore the functions of the organelles
  • Mitosis, a game from Centre of the Cell that explores the process of mitosis

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