Exercise infographic

Moving figures infographic

A numerical look at exercise, energy and movement

Download our infographic, which appeared in the print edition of ‘Big Picture: Exercise, Energy and Movement’ in 2012.

Topics include:

  • ATP
  • energy used in different activities
  • reaction time by age
  • modern records set by older athletes that beat winning times from the 1896 Olympics
  • percentage of body fat in men and women
  • body composition.

Note: This infographic has not been updated since it was first published.

Lead image:

‘Big Picture: Exercise, Energy and Movement’ (2012) CC BY

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About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Exercise, Energy and Movement’ in January 2012 and reviewed and updated in August 2016.

Cell biology, Physiology
Exercise, Energy and Movement
Education levels:
14–16, 16–19, Continuing professional development