Musical scientists

Scientists are increasingly turning to music and dance

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a method for amplifying fragments of DNA, might not seem like the obvious topic for a song. Yet the surprisingly professional ‘The PCR Song’ by Scientists for Better PCR has been viewed over a million times. In fact, the song owes its existence to a company selling PCR equipment.

Viewers may also enjoy a reworking of Village People’s ‘YMCA’ advertising enzymes, and a frankly bizarre heavy metal-inspired advertisement for cell monitoring equipment.

The above are the work of US producers. Europe has answered back with The Large Hadron Rap’, which, remarkably, has accumulated close to 8 million views.

While the above all benefit from the resources available to large companies and international projects, almost anyone can now generate material. There is no shortage of musical science on YouTube, including a love song about DNA replication and many others of variable quality.

Finally, a catchy and visually striking work, ‘Richard Dawkins  Beware the Believers’, is well worth a view. You can then join the debate about whose side the producers are on.

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