The Rap Guide to Evolution

Further resources and activities on evolution

The Wellcome Trust has funded many other organisations to produce the following activities and resources to help engage and educate young people about evolution

Many of these unique and original resources were produced to celebrate the Darwin200 anniversaries in 2009. Each link leads to a site that will engage teachers and students with topical issues and ideas.

Evolution of the Horse and Evolution of the Whale

Travel back in time with these animations to see how the horse and whale evolved over millions of years. There are complementary resources, including downloadable comics, in the Primary topic section of the National STEM Centre website.

Great for: 7–11

Rap Guide to Evolution

This hip-hop exploration of evolution and related themes combines exciting short video clips with rap lyrics.

Great for: 1114, 1416, 1619

Living Links to Human Evolution

Gain an insight into the origins of the human mind and body by studying primate behaviour. Download lesson packs with full resources for investigating animal behaviour, genomes, communication and data analysis.

Great for: 1114, 1416, 1619, Projects

DNA to Darwin

Download resources to explore the molecular evidence for evolution through practical bioinformatics activities that use data analysis tools and molecular data.

Great for: 1114, 1416, 1619, Projects

Hands-on DNA

Access a range of workshops and materials for hands-on engaging molecular biology experiences, at centres across the UK.

Great for: 1619, Projects

Tree of Life

Explore the evolutionary links between living things with Sir David Attenborough with a series of curriculum-matched lesson plans, student worksheets and interactive games.

Great for: 1114, 1416, 1619

The Great Plant Hunt

This is a range of Darwin-inspired practical activities for primary schools, including exploring habitats, collecting seeds and growing plants with dedicated teachers’ and kids’ pages.

Great for: 57, 711

Survival Rivals

Includes experiments designed for three age groups to see how Darwin’s ideas link to modern evolutionary principles and contemporary biomedicine.

Great for: 1114, 1416, 1619, Projects 

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Evolution’ in January 2007.

Genetics and genomics, Ecology and environment, History
Education levels:
16–19, Continuing professional development