Issue 1 | January 2005

Scanning electron micrograph of adipose tissue, showing lobules rich in adipocytes


***This issue has been archived***

This is the era of the expanding waistline. Over the past few decades we have been steadily piling on the pounds. Newspapers warm of an ‘obesity timebomb’, but why is obesity such a problem? And who should be doing something about it? In this issue, we investigate the interplay between science, medicine and society, and people, institutions and politics.

‘Obesity’ was the first issue of ‘Big Picture’. Though still topical, the issue’s scientific content is now out of date, particularly regarding treatment options for obesity. While our original PDF is still available for reference, we strongly recommend that you use content from our ‘Food and Diet’ issue, updated in August 2016, and our issue on ‘Fat’, which we published in January 2016.

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