Protrump cards

Collectable cards featuring proteins from albumin to trypsin

We’ve created a range of collectable cards to compliment this issue of ‘Big Picture’. You can collect and compare these, and even make your own using the template provided. We found our illustrations on the RCSB Protein Databank, where you can download many more for free.

Protrumps card for collagen

Illustration from the RCSB Protein Databank.

The Protrump card options

All of these can be found in the downloadable resources section below:

  • the full set of Protrump cards, in colour
  • the full set of Protrump cards, in printer-friendly black and white
  • blank card templates, in colour
  • blank card templates, in printer-friendly black and white.


Downloadable resources

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Proteins’ in January 2014.

Cell biology
Education levels:
16–19, Continuing professional development