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Articles on the immune system

What does the immune system do and how does it work? From the Science Museum

S-cool revision summary

British Society for Immunology guide to immunology

British Society for Immunology bite-sized immunology

Downloadable posters on the immune system from British Society for Immunology

Microbes and the human body from Microbiology Online

Biology-Innovation A-level revision

Thorough online notes from John Kimball

Immunoglobulin structure and function notes from the University of South Carolina on Scribd

Microbiology online fascinating facts

Make your own snot activity

Articles on diseases and the body

Malaria resources for schools

Diabetes from ABPI

Mosaic story on malaria

Mosaic story on faecal transplants

Mosaic story on HIV

Mosaic story on why we have blood types

Mosaic story on very rare blood types

Mosaic story on HIV and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi

Mosaic story on polio in Hungary

Articles on antibiotics and resistance

Antibiotics and the immune system

Q&A on antibiotic resistance

BioEthics Education Project on vaccination

Articles on immunity and vaccination

How vaccines work

Factors and ethics in immunological research

Science aid on vaccination

Activities for learning, articles and timelines

Animations, films and games

Immune system game from

Immune Attack game

Fighting the common cold animation, Harvard (requires Flash)

Presentation on the cells of the immune system

Huge collection of online and interactive resources, Amazing Science Online

Short video on ‘The Immune System – A Level (AS) Biology Revision’ (OCR)

Short video on ‘Infectious Disease – A Level (AS) Biology Revision’ (OCR)

Extract from BBC Two’s ‘Hidden Life of the Cell’

List of animations from McGraw (includes those on HIV, prions, monoclonal antibody production, IgE-mediated hypersensitivity)

Nature animations on ‘Immunology in the skin’ and ‘Immunology in the gut mucosa’

Short film from the BBC on human immunity and defence

Animation on the immune response to bacteria from NIH NIAID

Animation on the immune response from Garland Science

Short animation from the BBC on white blood cells

Animations on white blood cells, antibody production and phagocytosis from the ABPI

Animation on phagocytosis

Animation on the antibody response from

Animation on the antibody immune response

Information and short animation on vaccination

Wellcome Trust films

A potential end to asthma?

Combating infectious disease: an introduction

The killer in our midst: Fighting to end tuberculosis


British Society for immunology

Immunology Explained, from British Society for Immunology

Edward Jenner Vaccine Society

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