Sex-link chicks

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Animations and videos

Learn.Genetics animations:

‘What’s mitochondrial disease?’, a video from the Lily Foundation 

Howard Hughes Medical Institute animations:

The genetics of sex

Genetics Home Reference guides on X chromosomes and Y chromosomes

National Human Genome Research Institute: Chromosomes fact sheet 

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority 

Gender issues

The World Health Organization on gender 

Gender testing on athletes, an interactive summary from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute 

Collection of news and opinion on gender from the Guardian 

UK Government Equalities Office 

Advice and support A new website aimed to support young people with differences in sex development

Guardian: Transgender advice – the best resources online 

NSPCC: Female genital mutilation 

Lead image:

Two-day-old red sex-link chicks. These are bred so that you can tell which sex they are by their colour.

Derek Oyen/Flickr CC BY NC

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Sex and Gender
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