The university view on extended projects

Don’t just take our word for it

An extended project is good preparation for studying at university. Many universities value the qualification because it develops independent study skills that can help you in your degree. Some universities offer reduced A-level grades to students who complete an EPQ.

“Each university values EPQs in a different way, so make sure you check what part the EPQ plays for the university you apply for.”

Head of Admissions, University of York

“In highly selective areas, preference may be given to students with A levels who also offer the Extended Project for entry.”

University of Glasgow

“We recognise the value, effort and enthusiasm applicants make in the Extended Project. We encourage you to provide further information on your project in your personal statement.”

University of Leeds

About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects’ in June 2015.

Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects
Education levels:
16–19, Independent research projects