Using your feedback

Without our teachers and students, ‘Big Picture’ wouldn’t exist – the perspectives and feedback from our core audience is crucial. 

Teachers Advisory Board

We ran a teachers advisory board in 2011–16 to ensure that each issue we produced was as useful as possible to teachers and students. The members of this board advised on ideas for future issues, the scope, first draft, first proof and ideas for web content.


  • Peter Anderson (Yorkshire)
  • Paul Connell (Herefordshire)
  • Emma Cresswell-Maynard (Essex)
  • Alison Davies (Wales)
  • Ian Graham (Lincolnshire)
  • Stephen Ham (Essex)
  • Tyrone John (Wales)
  • Pauline Newnham (Northern Ireland)
  • Robert Rowney (Scotland)
  • Jonathan Schofield (Yorkshire)

Surveys and focus groups

Periodically we formally evaluate ‘Big Picture’.

Summer 2012 evaluation

Our latest evaluation, which took place in 2012, reviews how teachers, educationalists and young people access and use classroom resources. [PDF 2.1 MB]