Video: Testing digestion with a model stomach

This film shows how an experiment to test the delivery of probiotics (or ‘friendly bacteria’) in different substances to the intestines might be carried out using a model stomach

Richard Faulks was part of a team that developed a model stomach to better understand the way food and other substances are processed by the human stomach. He talks us through one of the many experiments that have been carried out using the machine. The film is split into sections with questions about the experimental method to allow teachers to use it as a teaching aid.

We would welcome feedback on this film if you have used it. Were these the right questions to ask? Should we have included anything else? Did you find it useful? Please email if you have any thoughts you’d like to share with us.

Running time: 4 mins 35 secs

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This resource was first published in ‘Food and Diet’ in June 2011 and reviewed and updated in August 2016.

Physiology, Biotechnology and engineering
Food and Diet
Education levels:
16–19, Continuing professional development