Video: Where could studying biology lead?

Ahmed goes to discuss career options with people in three very different jobs

Considering which post-16 subjects to do is a sizeable decision, usually made at a time when the word ‘career’ sounds both very serious and very distant. We wanted to find out how students considering a biology A level imagine earning a wage – do they think jobs involving biology are limited to ‘being a scientist’? Are there alternatives they have never considered?

Ahmed, a student from Winchmore School in London, volunteered to take up the challenge of answering this question. Doing a biology A level and considering a career in medicine, he agreed to meet three people who had done a biology A level but were using them in very different capacities. In this short film we follow Ahmed’s investigation, which involved fidgeting meerkats and a brush with the law.

Note: This video was made in 2012, and so the salary figures it mentions are now out of date (though otherwise it’s still accurate). Here’s what you can expect to earn in 2017: 

  • The average salary for a UCL biosciences graduate is now £22,000 (2015/16).
  • Starting salaries for trainee lawyers can vary from around £25,000 to as much as £40,000, depending on the size of the firm and the type of law being practised.
  • Starting salaries for zookeepers can begin at around £12,000–£14,000, and then increase to around £25,000 with experience.

Running time: 5 mins 53 secs

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This resource was first published in ‘Careers From Biology’ in June 2012 and reviewed and updated in November 2017.

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