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Why do an extended project?

Here are five good reasons

1. It gives you freedom to do a piece of research on a subject – or a combination of subjects – you are really interested in.

2. It can help you decide whether you want to continue to work or study in your project area.

3. It’s a good example of independent working, which you can mention in interviews – for jobs, apprenticeships or university.

4. If you are thinking of going to university, an EPQ gives you UCAS points and helps you to stand out from the crowd in university applications.

5. It helps you develop the independent research and critical thinking skills that you will need at university.

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About this resource

This resource was first published in ‘Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects’ in June 2015.

Go Further: A practical guide to extended science projects
Education levels:
16–19, Independent research projects